About the Charity

For Motherwell Football Club the community is an important part of the club, It is why the club formed in the first place and why it still exists today; working with the local community is part of the integral fabric of the club. The Fir Park club became the first club in Scotland's top flight to become fully owned by fans in 2017.

It is our belief that football should be available for people to engage with day in day out, not just on match day. 

Football is a powerful tool for engagement. Football clubs have the power to engage people in the way that few other organisations can; it is part of everyday life that people can relate to. Partners choose to work with clubs because they can see that they can use them as a tool for engagement and football clubs have good access to a wide demographic. They can and do seek to influence the lifestyles of people in a positive way. 

Engaging with the community and undertaking community work is both a way for Motherwell Football Club to give something back to the local community and to engage the fans of the future in the game and club.

As one of Scotland's top clubs, Motherwell Football Club has a very strong brand which provides an opportunity to engage in community activities in a way which is different to any competitor.

As the official charity of Motherwell Football Club, the Trust uses the brand name of the club and the power of football to bring positive change to the local community.


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Our team of dedicated staff is supported by a board of trustees with extensive experience.