Social Return on Investment

In 2018, Scotland became one of the first countries in Europe to participate in a landmark UEFA study, with the goal of illustrating the unique benefits of football participation nationwide.

Created by European football's governing body, the Strategic Return on Investment (SROI) Model was created to provide National Associations with a tool to understand the value of football participation at all levels. From grassroots and community football clubs to national and government levels, the report aimed to provide tangible evidence of how football can serve to improve the lives of those living within Scottish society.


The model saw experts from educational institutions across Europe assist with the research into the benefits of grassroots participation, including the University of Birmingham and Malmo University.


Motherwell Football Club Community Trust was selected as a feature club in 2021 and, despite losing 3 months of the year to COVID-19 restrictions, was amazed to find it contributed £13.64m that year. It was fantastic to be able to place a monetary value on participation in football for the first time whilst simultaneously highlighting the strength of our volunteer infrastructure.


The full report can be accessed here.